An unforgettable experience to see the unseen. Coming soon to Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad.

Our Exhibition is an experience like no other. In this specially constructed pitch-black exhibition, visually impaired guides lead the sighted to ‘see’ the world in a brighter, more positive light.

Give your eyes a rest as you are immersed into complete darkness. Inside, there are five different environments, each with unique textures, sounds, smells and even tastes; you will have to rely on your other senses to explore each environment!

Our professionally trained visually impaired tour guides are there every step of the way as they lead you through the exhibition.  Our guides teach participants how to appreciate each environment without light - even without vision there is much beauty in the world to be found.

The exhibition is a unique journey through the darkness that is not only fun and exciting, but will change how you use your senses in everyday life and shift your perception towards the visually impaired.

Book your tickets online today!

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